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Examiner Ejection Seat

March 2, 2014

Might as well post this here as well since it will never see the light of day over at the Examiner article by TLKFAD about Mccain:

“Sure didn’t take long for Schmalfeldt to turn your platform to his own harassment targets. Now when you boot him he’ll claim that you dumped him cause we harassed you. I suggest you keep him on but start a new news section, “Cranks, Morons, and Sociopaths Who Write For Us”. Put an entry disclaimer on entering the page and let them flog each other unconscious.”

There is a reason he gets booted from every outlet where he tries to flog his sweaty palmed happy place.

The much better original article is here.


There Is A Line

March 1, 2014

Yep, kind of stepped over the line with that one. That’s why I signaled and suggested my agreement with deleting the comment if that is what Hoge decided was best for his blog. He did, and that was his decision. Problem is, there is no threat or abuse there, just the use of the same accusatory techniques that TLFKAD* uses all the time.

Meant to hit hard and draw his attention. Used the tried and true techniques of open-ended question and expression of doubt. A display of poking him maybe one hundredth as badly as he has poked lots of others. There is just as much threat and abuse there as there was last month when he imagined himself into dire peril based on his willful misreading of a post.

You want to see threats and abuse? How about this:

“I would gladly slap the taste out of this little petty thief’s mouth. I would be more than happy to pound a mud hole in his chest and then stomp it dry.”

He tries to veneer it by prefacing it with “If I were and able-bodied man…”. How do I know he isn’t? And even if he isn’t, how does anyone know what means he might adopt to compensate for his ability deficiency? The anger and urge to damage are apparent and I’m not the first person to have received it. He’s just managed so far to keep it barred behind the usual tools of the abusive loudmouth;

  • “I’ was just joking. Can’t you tell a joke”,
  • “IF someone should…”,
  • “Metaphorically…”,
  • “How could an old disabled man do…”.

Notice how quickly TLFKAD launched into high dudgeon.  Notice how quickly he wanted to turn the comment into a threat against himself, as he always does. Notice how quickly he launched into claiming the comment was a terrible awful attack on his wife and also notice how many people accepted that it was. Read it again, it’s on his pages if you need a fresh copy. It’s all about him and only mentions his wife as the potential subject of his actions.

Now let’s notice that he got right the heck over it and moved gaily on to the next topic of his ire. Wow, that sure was serious. He must have spent a good hour and a half being pissed about it, got one good copy/paste blog post out about it and moved right the hell on. He spent longer last month imagining that I was a guy in Tampa and fantasizing links between my persona and him.

If that post was so terrible then why has he got it pasted all over his blog? If it’s so bad then delete it. Unless you cherish the ability to fire up a rant and rage again.

As for his wife, I don’t know her and don’t care one way or another about her. I have been demonstrably less abusive to her than he has. He spends their limited resources on endless internet domains, podcast subscriptions, legal entanglements, and computer hardware to enable his fetish. The penalty of just being him has got to be a hellish burden to deal with.


*The Leviathan Formerly Known As Dumb-ass   (had to come up with something to stop aggravating the dumb-asses with the comparison)