Examiner Ejection Seat

Might as well post this here as well since it will never see the light of day over at the Examiner article by TLKFAD about Mccain:

“Sure didn’t take long for Schmalfeldt to turn your platform to his own harassment targets. Now when you boot him he’ll claim that you dumped him cause we harassed you. I suggest you keep him on but start a new news section, “Cranks, Morons, and Sociopaths Who Write For Us”. Put an entry disclaimer on entering the page and let them flog each other unconscious.”

There is a reason he gets booted from every outlet where he tries to flog his sweaty palmed happy place.

The much better original article is here.


One Response to “Examiner Ejection Seat”

  1. liberalgrouch Says:

    This is your best attempt at blog design? Really? The 2004 look?

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