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A Modest Proposal

December 6, 2014

Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@CabinBoyBilly 11m11 minutes ago
I do wish the felon Kyle Kiernan would have a nice, soothing, cerebral vascular accident.

As long a I have your attention I’d like to note that you are still leaning on that old faildox chestnut of “felon”. I enjoy it when you continue to demonstrate your fails once again for all to see.

If you truly believe in your correct discovery of my identity I invite and challenge you to send me a letter at the address and identity you believe to be me.
Include every vituperation and disgusting comment you like.
I formally promise and swear on any source of sanctity you care to name that if that letter arrives at my mailbox/address/place-where-I-be I will post it as both a scan copy and text transcript on my blog and twitter without change or comment.
I will help you tell the world exactly what you think of me.
Be sure to include your return address on the envelope.

Or do you need me to send you an email with my real name and real address before a degraded skinsack of protoplasm like you can scrape up the guts to do something other than honk about it?