Hideous tale

June 13, 2014

His figures of speech don’t just come out of nowhere.  I shudder to think of what this line tells us.


Got That Right

June 1, 2014

A relative newcomer to the vortex comes to the usual conclusions at relativistic speeds.


None of Your Damn Business

May 31, 2014

Seems TLFKAD went and bitched to @PalatinePundit ‘s employer about him blogging and dissing CB while at work. Now @PalatinePundit is out on the street.

Considering his mad skillz at doxing, he doesn’t have a fucking clue what or where someone does at work nor what he’s permitted to do.  Dumbass still thinks I’m a guy in Tampa.  Even went and put in his losesuit.  Man I wanted see the summonses and services flow on that one.

He might as well fire off letters to random companies chosen from the phone book about make believe employee’s.  He’d have the same veracity but at least then he wouldn’t harm anyone with his hamfisted bullshit.

Its not your responsibility, right, or even concern what someone does at work.

In an interesting note, which someone like him with a diseased irony gland cannot perceive, he is prone to calling almost everyone cowards, pussies, and any other stupid schoolyard name he can rip from his thesaurus to try and belittle their manhood.  But when the hammer comes down even a little bit, runs off and cries to Mama.  Worthless whiny little bitch.

I think you should be held directly, legally, and morally responsible for this. I think your debatable SS payments should be tapped to pay for his unemployment.


And directly to you I say DIAF which you’ll probably squirm with joy and tent your jammies when you interpret it as the threat you always use, but is instead a question to you: Does It Always Fail?

Breaking Under the Strain

May 30, 2014

Can’t take it any more.

I am Chris Heather!


Finally free of that terrible secret.

Final Jeopardy

May 18, 2014

I’ll take “Bloviating Leviathan’s” for $1000 please Alex.

“This is shouted in a furious delusional effort to detract from furious delusional doxfail attempts”

What is “FOCUS!” Alex?

That is correct and you win $1000.  The final square on the board is “CB Fail Memes” for $400 and the answer is “Yet another failed and impotent doxing failure probably cooked up by his  own hand”.

What is “ScmalFauxDoxFail” Alex?

Oh, I’m sorry. The correct answer is “Today’s Fuckup”.

Now while you do have $98,000 in winnings, at least according to your IRS statement, we can only let you move on to Final Jeopardy after you tell us your real name, address, blood type, children’s congenital afflictions and every IP address you have ever used.  And we want them right now or we’l take away your children and call your wife rude things.

Thanks for playing.

In the same vein

May 18, 2014

This here’s some gold..en parody.



Substantia Nigra

May 17, 2014

Yay!  I made it onto one of Dumbass’s Dox Fails.


I’d just like to paraphrase Pink Floyd and say “Dox on you crazy Dumbass!”

It’s totes impossible for TLFKAD to have posted that review himself. I mean someone with a dealerrater account would post one and only one internet artifact ever right?

Wait till you see my review.  See if you can spot the easter egg.



Seems like TLFKAD deleted his FAIL post and put up a CYA post at:


I’m new to this so I didn’t grab a screenshot of that one, but I did get this one and I’m sure after long experience someone else grabbed his dickstomp.

Just so you know what happened, he thought he had found PRMason54 via a comment on dealerrater.com by some lady in Oregon.


Update 2:  My review just to show how he probably did it.:  http://www.dealerrater.com/dealer/Lithia-Subaru-of-Oregon-City-review-21195/

I’m pretty sure he just made up the comment and then pretended to dox it.

Good Times

May 8, 2014

Is This a Threat, or a Prank, Kyle 2_ Cabin Boy Broadcasting


Vastly Better Than

April 19, 2014

a certain someone’s literary offerings:


and better written.

Gosh That Sure Proves the Point

April 5, 2014

Wasn’t even slightly hard.

Can’t even imagine how stupid he has to be to think we are that stupid.


By the by, who files EZ with an income like that?

No interest income?

No signature? No date?