NumberNone Disses Dumbass, Calls Him a Coward

Looks like the boys don’t believe me. Heres the tweet (until they delete it).

Now some DA (Dumbass associate) will try to claim that he was only talking about Aaron W. But the description looks totally like Dumbass who blocks early and often because he can’t face anyone’s comments. True for one person, true for another. Unless you want to go with not true at all, then we have to ask why you posted such baloney in the first place.

And in preparation against the day of deletion which always just around the cowardly corner, here is the text of the message:

@sub_aetha @JustinTreasure @weltschmerz2015 Aaron blocked me like the coward he is. He can’t stand it when people call him on his bullshit.— #0 (@WhoIsNumberNone) January 9, 2015



2 Responses to “NumberNone Disses Dumbass, Calls Him a Coward”

  1. John Smith Says:

    You are right, they are a bunch of dumbasses!

  2. Army Vet Says:

    Bill blocked me as well. He can’t take people pointing out his lies. Lying liars gotta lie, and cowardly cowards gotta cower. I just wonder if he just in the way of the vacuuming while spending so much time hiding behind Gail’s skirts?

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