Chairman Derp on the Nature of Books

Dumbass decides to enlighten every one on the deep deepiness of his dumbness:

Apparently his Deep Brain doesn’t go down far enough to remember famous world leaders of not so long ago:

And then having decided he has achieved a massive coup via his dumbassedness, he decides to walk his dumbness around the block by crowing about his amazing book publishing skillz..

DumbAss needs to reconsider the measure of that feat.  The word “book” is a wide and very general title.

While this is a book:

This is also a book:

and this:

We’re all pretty sure which side of the spectrum his books are on.

Heck, his aren’t even well known enough to attract outrageously sarcastic reviews.


3 Responses to “Chairman Derp on the Nature of Books”

  1. Techno Jinxx Says:

    with the advent of modern technology and the internet, any asshole can cobble together words on the screen and hit publish. Hell I know 3 people who have ‘written and published” over a dozen books in the last year. Doesnt make them Hemingway, or Tolstoy does it?
    Tell you what I told them when they were all “whoo hoo we’re published authors now!!”
    that and 5$ will get you a latte at starbucks.

    • Kyle Kiernan Says:

      As a contra-example to his “books”, I was trying to find a link for a book that I think was call “Big Red Baboon Ass” which consisted of nothing more that 100,000 repetitions of the word “fart”. Some guy published it as an example that anything no matter how stupid can be an e-book. Looks like he pulled after executing the stunt. Maybe Dumbass could take a hint from that.

  2. Father Paul Lemmen Says:

    Heh. At least I get notices from Amazon Kindle Publishing about royalty deposits. My next one is on the 29th according to the email notice of yesterday. Regular as clockwork, every month for the past 2 1/2 years on one ebook. Bill doesn’t even note that on his taxes (his posted 2013 taxes showed only his and Gail’s Social Security income).

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