All New, Same Old Same Old

Schmalfeldt said he was embarking on an all new post-suit course of blogging. Since that time I have not disparaged him at all. Waiting to see what he will do. In that light I thought I would follow his new Twitter feed to see what transpires.

Surprise, surprise:

My guess is he’s just up to his usual crap. Still the same old diseased leopard.


3 Responses to “All New, Same Old Same Old”

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt Says:

    Here’s a thought for you, felon. Focus your attention on productive things and back the fuck out of my life.

  2. Kyle Kiernan Says:

    I’ll compromise with you. I’ll do exactly as I like and you’ll continue to fail at not being a douchetastic fucktard who thankfully will, not soon enough, pass beyond all human contact.

  3. Kyle Kiernan Says:

    Upon reflection a thought occurred to me. Back out of your life? Am I commenting on your worthless blogs? Am I sending you emails?
    No. You are the one coming onto my blog and leaving your demands and deprecation’s. All I’m doing is making comments on other peoples’ blogs and on Twitter and a certain someone was once up on a time absolutely determined that Twitter wasn’t really contact at all.
    I’m out here playing whack-a-mole. You’re on my fucking lawn. Get thee hence.

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