Hey Big Spender

I recently negative increment incentivized (threatened) that if a certain guttersnipe were to guttersnipe at me anymore then I just might go get a postage stamp for my letter to the other me that TLFKAD thinks is me.

Along comes the aforementioned one and orders me to bill him.  Hardly would I bother to bill someone for such a trivial sum, although it seems he doesn’t think it so trivial and he’ll probably need every available shekel for legal expenses and related reparations.

Presuming that he hangs on every word of what every El Hogeista writes I shall address him directly. I do have something you can contribute. Namely the address you think I live at.  Seems I forgot to screen cap it when you were on your doxing rant about me. Since you seem to believe so strongly it is really me you certainly should have no problem posting it in a reply to this message   And please spare us the usual nonsense about “send me an email address” or “register and post it on my blog” which are transparent attempts for better doxing fixes.

If you don’t send it I shall have to assume that your dox conclusion and everything related was yet another set of big fat scurvy lies which is your stock in trade. 


One Response to “Hey Big Spender”

  1. Paul Lemmen Says:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

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