None of Your Damn Business

Seems TLFKAD went and bitched to @PalatinePundit ‘s employer about him blogging and dissing CB while at work. Now @PalatinePundit is out on the street.

Considering his mad skillz at doxing, he doesn’t have a fucking clue what or where someone does at work nor what he’s permitted to do.  Dumbass still thinks I’m a guy in Tampa.  Even went and put in his losesuit.  Man I wanted see the summonses and services flow on that one.

He might as well fire off letters to random companies chosen from the phone book about make believe employee’s.  He’d have the same veracity but at least then he wouldn’t harm anyone with his hamfisted bullshit.

Its not your responsibility, right, or even concern what someone does at work.

In an interesting note, which someone like him with a diseased irony gland cannot perceive, he is prone to calling almost everyone cowards, pussies, and any other stupid schoolyard name he can rip from his thesaurus to try and belittle their manhood.  But when the hammer comes down even a little bit, runs off and cries to Mama.  Worthless whiny little bitch.

I think you should be held directly, legally, and morally responsible for this. I think your debatable SS payments should be tapped to pay for his unemployment.


And directly to you I say DIAF which you’ll probably squirm with joy and tent your jammies when you interpret it as the threat you always use, but is instead a question to you: Does It Always Fail?


6 Responses to “None of Your Damn Business”

  1. Did Bill Schmalfeldt Torpedo @PalatinePundit? | Blubber Sues Bloggers Says:

    […] Kiernan posts that Our Favorite Troll has allegedly struck again, and this time @PalatinePundit is out of a […]

  2. Paul Krendler Says:

    Couldn’t be more of a dick if his feet were testicles.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt Says:

    It is most certainly my concern if I am getting death threats and harassing e-mails from someone’s work computer. Now, and please take this as a warning.

    There is, as of now, a temporary peace order in place against Grady. He will be served with a copy very soon if he hasn’t been already.

    He is not allowed to contact me. He is not allowed to have anyone else contact me on his behalf.

    The things you and your alter-ego Krendler are writing could easily be seen as incitement. So I urge you to proceed with all due caution.

    If you shit in my yard, it’s your fault.
    If you break one of my windows, it’s your fault.
    It is not my yard’s fault for being shit on, it is not my window’s fault for being broken.

    Grady was asked to cease contacting me from his work address. He laughed at me. He DARED me to contact his employer.

    So I did. I did not ask them to fire him. I don’t have that kind of power. I did ask them to take steps to ensure that their employee stops using their equipment on company time to harass me. Was I not within my rights to do that?

    Or are these rights only reserved to conservatives?

    Again… all due caution is advised as you proceed.

  4. ratt22 Says:

    Bobby, you are a certified liar and turd, so how can we believe anything you say? Acme law doesn’t work here.

  5. Rain Says:

    I hope Twinkie understands that people discussing various situations on a blog, while possibly referring to him at times in the discussion do NOT count as contacting him in anyway…

    I only mention this as he’s already shown that he has no problem seeking out statements made in other areas, between other people with NO reference to himself, and copy/pasting/distorting what was said to make it look like they were attempting to threaten him…


  6. Paul Lemmen Says:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

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