Final Jeopardy

I’ll take “Bloviating Leviathan’s” for $1000 please Alex.

“This is shouted in a furious delusional effort to detract from furious delusional doxfail attempts”

What is “FOCUS!” Alex?

That is correct and you win $1000.  The final square on the board is “CB Fail Memes” for $400 and the answer is “Yet another failed and impotent doxing failure probably cooked up by his  own hand”.

What is “ScmalFauxDoxFail” Alex?

Oh, I’m sorry. The correct answer is “Today’s Fuckup”.

Now while you do have $98,000 in winnings, at least according to your IRS statement, we can only let you move on to Final Jeopardy after you tell us your real name, address, blood type, children’s congenital afflictions and every IP address you have ever used.  And we want them right now or we’l take away your children and call your wife rude things.

Thanks for playing.


One Response to “Final Jeopardy”

  1. ratt22 Says:

    Didn’t Bill the turd say something was supposed to happen today? I didn’t see the doomsday clock so I guess he was issuing empty threats again.

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