Substantia Nigra

Yay!  I made it onto one of Dumbass’s Dox Fails.

I’d just like to paraphrase Pink Floyd and say “Dox on you crazy Dumbass!”

It’s totes impossible for TLFKAD to have posted that review himself. I mean someone with a dealerrater account would post one and only one internet artifact ever right?

Wait till you see my review.  See if you can spot the easter egg.



Seems like TLFKAD deleted his FAIL post and put up a CYA post at:

I’m new to this so I didn’t grab a screenshot of that one, but I did get this one and I’m sure after long experience someone else grabbed his dickstomp.

Just so you know what happened, he thought he had found PRMason54 via a comment on by some lady in Oregon.


Update 2:  My review just to show how he probably did it.:

I’m pretty sure he just made up the comment and then pretended to dox it.

14 Responses to “Substantia Nigra”

  1. Paul H. Lemmen Says:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt Says:

    Oh, Kyle. Thanks for the present. I didn’t even KNOW about this blog, and you hand it to me on a silver platter. And here I had taken you off the list. Tell you what, big boy. In the interests of honesty? Let’s just drop the artifice and you admit that you are who I said you were, or… failing that… you reveal your real identity so nobody has to bother the “REAL” Kyle Kiernan with what’s gonna happen on Monday. OK? Thanks.

    • Kyle Kiernan Says:

      You didn’t know about this when you had already commented here before? Guess everyone can file in this in the “Schmalfeldt’s Lies” archives.

      You wouldn’t know honesty if you raped it to death during your sweaty palmed happy time hour.

      And finally you contradict your previous adamant certainty that you knew my real identity before but now you’re still scratching to find it. By all means contact the person you think I am or do you need me to do it? Or does that render you damp in the nethers?

      I can’t wait for your Monday fail to dawn sure as the sunrise.

    • Kyle Kiernan Says:

      Let’s try out this neat new theory: “None of your business”.

      Now let’s see if that works or if he’s a liar yet again.

    • Paul Krendler Says:

      Hey, Bill, why haven’t you stopped by my blog and dropped one of your commenturds lately?

      I know you read it, because you’ve got the impulse control of a Democrat in a whorehouse.

      I’ve always judged humor by asking “would I still think this was funny if it was about me?” And I believe since almost every word I write parodies you, it would hit you in the funny bone for exactly the same reason.

      Don’t you agree?

      And by the way, don’t you think it’s awesome that parody is a solid defense against libel? I know I do.

    • Kyle Kiernan Says:

      Hey let’s brighten your day that little bit extra with another dose of Christmas. Here’s another tidbit of knowledge which will enable you to finally track me down. Ready?
      Here it comes.


















      and for the bonus round: I am blood type O-something.

      knock yourself out master sleuth.

  3. Rain Says:

    he seriously says he didn’t know you had this blog…yet he has actually commented on it in the past..

    his dementia is really getting out of hand…

  4. Paul Krendler Says:

    How did you know “Substantia Nigra” was the name of the other horse his mom used to like to ride?

  5. Pablo Says:

    Monday! OMG, NOT MONDAY!!!???? That’s like the day after tomorrow!!!!!!

    Blob, you know you’re a deranged imbecile, right?

  6. Army Vet Says:

    Good lord that man never learns

  7. ratt22 Says:

    Fatboi is didn’t put up his doomsday clock set for Monday…I guess we just have to piss off the moron some more!

  8. Paul Krendler Says:

    By the way, Kyle. I did check your review, and the Easter egg was cool. Easy to spot though, but that wasn’t the point, was it?

  9. David Marcus Marino (@marcussenmarino) Says:

    One would think that being the object of ridicule and mockery, solely due to one’s own untreated psychosis, would eventually become a burden.

    But at 350lbs., Mr. Schmalfeldt assumes the role of beast-of-that-particular-burden well.

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