Gosh That Sure Proves the Point

Wasn’t even slightly hard.

Can’t even imagine how stupid he has to be to think we are that stupid.


By the by, who files EZ with an income like that?

No interest income?

No signature? No date?



5 Responses to “Gosh That Sure Proves the Point”

  1. liberalgrouch Says:

    It doesn’t take much to think you are that stupid, criminal. Don’t you save your tax returns? I do. Oh, wait. You have to have income to file taxes. Sorry. Didn’t mean to offend. Oh, and I totally approve of your blog and think its much better than anything I have ever done. ❤ (some editing may have taken place on this comment when it strayed outside the lines. Thakfully were able to save it and didn’t have to euthanize it.)

  2. liberalgrouch Says:

    Well, I guess I better get back to plotting and scheming.

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