CBBS ibid

Well for starters he has willful failure in reading comprehension: “you think you’re our boss” vs “I don’t think you have a boss”.

Its a hallmark that he orders people around peremptorily is if he has some innate authority that no one else can see.

Repeatedly uses diminutive labels for no better reason than to be irritating. Isn’t that right Parky?

I’m surprised he hasn’t resorted to scatology here, one of his favorite themes.

I’d like to complain that my gypsy curse hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. Can you get on that with the delivery department Parky?

Often abuses official agencies to further his personal jeremiads.

Why? It seems to be the only way he can get anyone to notice him. Dude needs to go back and read A Christmas Carol. There are more types of miser than just a miser of coin.


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