Why Is It Hidden?

Obama’s past is mostly a mystery.  Much effort has been exerted to seal and conceal his history.  We are fed the accepted narrative and told to shut up.

It is speculated about greatly that if his records and history were revealed that great scandals would arise; he is actually Kenyan, his citizenship is Indonesian or Pakistani, or Kenyan, he is gay, he is a lifelong Marxist bent on destroying the country, he eats dogs, wait scratch that one.

I expect that if all were revealed we would discover nothing.  He’s nothing special.  No great scandals, just that he is a vehicle others have been able to mold into a face to hold office.

I think his birth certificate shows not that he is actually Kenyan but that he was born in Hawaii but nobody is quite sure who his father is.

That his school history is inconsequential but good enough to get him admitted to Harvard with AA backing.

That he is not a literary genius but met an activist guy who could write well and put together a book for him.

Same guy helped him look like a successful community organizer by picking him to help distribute $100 million dollars into the Chicago community.

That he is no skillful and talented politician but others knocked his competition out of his way so he could gain state then national office.

They put together a good speech for him to deliver at the convention and he was in thr right place to be most attractive for the election cycle at the end of a two term Republican presidency coupled with an economic crisis.

Hopefully, next year,  he can golf and pick final four slots all the time.


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