The Liberal Mind

For me the major hallmark of the liberal is their almost universal use of what I like to call faux-telepathy.  They all seem to believe they can read other people’s minds, particularly conservatives.  Endless posts are out there baldly stating what conservatives believe, think, feel, what motivates them, what they fear, what they hope for.

My best guess is that liberal’s have conditioned themselves to believe they are so smart they can effortlessly and accurately extrapolate the contents of someone else’s noggin just because they are so damn smart.  And it all happens without them thinking about it at all, because if you call them on it they will start mocking you for believing in something paranormal when that is exactly the behavior they are exhibiting.

I figure to use this post to gather examples of this behavior as I run across them.

  1. From Twitter: Daniel Vergara dispensing false re-tweets attributed to RSMcain


@DCdebbie no, I’m just taunting him by tweeting what he’s thinking


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